Self-Care, truly is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in this time of COVID-19. We are all experiencing cabin fever, just the want and need to be outside socializing with family and friends. But with this epidemic that is not possible due to the safety protocols in place to keep not just you safe, but to keep everyone you will encounter safe.
This is where the importance of self-care comes in… self-care is not just the signs of being sick,(fever, headache, achiness), but it also encompasses your mental health. Sometimes we all need to just take a break and go into a quiet space allowing our minds to relax and reflect on the life we have lived or the life we hope to have in the future. Take time to reflect on the relationships you are in with your significant other, family members and friends. Think about it, if you don’t first take care of yourself , you will never be able to truly care for anyone else… it all starts with you and your self-care.
Please take a moment and relax, breathe deeply reflect on somethings that make you happy… Laugh out loud and deep! You are worth it, it only takes a minute to take care of yourself just one minute… set you timer. It won’t hurt… you won’t lose anything you were planning to do in that one minute,, I promise! You never know, this one minute of self-care, you give to yourself today, may feel so darn good that it will grow into five minutes by the end of the week… so just try it! One minute won’t hurt!
I want to leave you with a little saying I have been sharing most of my life as I have evolved into the understanding I have of life. “The love and understanding you give to yourself today, will exude out into the universe and have a ripple effect returning back to you many times over!”
Now STOP! take that one minute NOW! You Got this!

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